Castor oil – a truly magical tool

Castor oil

Castor oil – Public inexpensive tool with many useful properties that can be purchased at the pharmacy, this product is manufactured from the seeds of the castor bean. Castor oil is considered a poisonous plant due to the high content of toxic substances, but all the poisons remain in the cake during pressing of seeds, so in it means absolutely not poisonous. Castor oil – it is light yellow viscous liquid that includes antioxidants, vegetable proteins and fatty acids, including ricinoleic acid, having a softening effect. In cosmetics, this product is used as a supply means for skin care,

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as well as to accelerate the growth of hair. Castor oil helps to quickly eliminate tightness, dryness, flaking, redness and roughness of the skin, improve elasticity and firmness. It is successfully applied at the first signs of aging and pigmentation, as it is famous for its strong smoothing and whitening effect. When dealing with shallow wrinkles, this product is recommended to mix with sea buckthorn or olive oil, lubricate the problem areas twice a day. You can remove the excess tissue. Caring for aging skin better done with masks from a mixture of chopped fresh fruit and castor oil, for these purposes fit bananas apricots, strawberries, and cantaloupe.  Click Here about us

The selected fruit is mixed with a small amount of oil and applied to the skin for 15-30 minutes. As for problem skin, then in this case it is recommended to use it as castor oil prevents the multiplication of pathogens triggers the appearance of acne. In addition, it helps to smooth out facial wrinkles around the eyes, gently caring for the skin. Making at least once a week for hair mask of a mixture of tools and burdock oil or fish oil, you can quickly restore damaged hair, stop hair loss, eliminate dandruff and improve the appearance of curls. For therapeutic purposes, it is taken as an antispasmodic, laxative, analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent, so it can be considered truly magical product


How To Treat Psoriasis

Treat Psoriasis

Psoriasis patients simply have to avoid fatty foods (bacon, fatty meat, butter, etc.), sweet baked goods (cakes, chocolates), alcohol, spicy and salty foods, and condiments. People with psoriasis should forget about smoking – it can trigger the development of disease.

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In the food should be consumed only fortified foods. Each case is considered individually and the treatment depends on the stage of the disease. Most commonly prescribed vitamin complexes with folic acid, B vitamins, A, C, PP, D, etc. As preparations for the topical treatment applied and so on (such drugs are now set). Patients with psoriasis should be taken just offshore and hydrogen sulfide baths, but not in the acute form of the disease. There are many tools of traditional medicine for the treatment of psoriasis. This is not to mindlessly spend on your “testing” – it is better to consult a doctor.  Click Here about us

Often doctors prescribe sedatives, herbal teas made from chamomile, calendula, St. John’s worth, and so on. Depending on the shape and course of the disease may be administered multiple infusions. Psoriasis patients, despite the seriousness of the disease, should devote time to exercise, tune in a positive way, as much as possible to experience positive emotions – all this contributes to a more effective treatment. Pessimism and bad mood only worsen the disease.

Basil – the use, possession, magical properties

Where to Apply – Basil is a bright, tasty and fragrant green. He found popularity among housewives as a delicious seasoning for many dishes. Very many people raise basil on their balconies and windows to be able to eat your favorite seasoning. Basil came to us from Italy. Without it there cannot do any one dish. Its appealing taste, extraordinary aroma and pleasant color decorate any boring dish. It is perfectly combined with cucumbers, tomatoes, and sour cream.

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It is also ideal for all kinds of salads, meats fish and sauce. Because of his extraordinary taste basil leaves suitable for oily and meat dishes. He cannot worry about how good this food will be acquired. It neutralizes cholesterol. It is perfect for decorating drinks, cocktails and salads. Useful properties – Basil has a property rid of cough, helps with stress, improves appetite and digestion builds. It has so many useful substances. Basil helps people who have broken metabolism and problems with bile. It also improves the function of the gastrointestinal tract. Support in case of intestinal disorders, gastritis, and flatulence. And also reduces symptoms of anxiety, helps with pain in the head and neurology problems. Click Here about us
Great help in the treatment of flu, colds and inflammation of the gums. He also indicated for inhalation. Because of the intense smell of basil repels all insects. That will be very useful in the summer when the streets full of mosquitoes and various other insects.

Your best exercise to lose belly fat

lose belly fat

Loss of fat in your belly permanently takes a lot of hard work from your end because it will have been built up in the body over a few years or decades. But you can use our hints and short-cut methods to lose fat in your belly smartest way possible. If you seriously want to get rid of extra fat belly then you will need to put in a little work. Changing your diet and start some form of exercise program is the best way to start.

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1. Sitting to follow: do can sit up in the easier and less time consuming way to lose belly fat to achieve good results. Abdominal fat is not only stored energy. If you want to lose fat you have to burn excess calories for your actual consumption. To get results quickly and lubricants, sit for follow-up can be considered as an effective exercise for each body type.
2 – Changing your diet is important when trying to reduce and prevent the accumulation of visceral fat in the abdomen. To reduce the fat in the abdomen, and must eat fewer calories than you burn through daily practice. It should be a diet consisting of whole natural foods,; avoid fatty foods or fried or filled with sodium. Flat Belly Diet directed specifically to eat right to lose belly fat eating a large amount of mono-saturated fats. These fats allow you to stay longer satisfied with where you consume fewer calories.
3 – Start strength training. Before building muscle is the effectiveness of burning 3 times more calories than normal heart, studies have shown that 45mins of heart disease will maintain your metabolism working for 3-4 hours later. Will ignite build muscle metabolism for up to 48hours later!
4 – Activity that starts with a 4 and nutritious meals. It will be both a good meal of the caloric value of the food. In particular, should provide the best nutritional value of the diet for breakfast. Skipping breakfast will lower your metabolism. So, will the value of calories per meal your different and this change is to increase metabolism quickly. You can also give a slight change to your style of eating. That is, you can take instead of proteins or carbohydrates instead. I will go on confusing metabolism to reach a higher level of fat-burning hormones.
5 – It is the most common reasons for the increase is the amount of fat fried food. Fried food contains less nutrient value, and mostly free of calories, which finally add up to increased body fat. And then in order to stop the increase in body fat or lose belly fat, stay away from eating fried food as much as possible.
6 – By doing some cardio and also you will see results faster to lose belly fat! Do not be fooled into thinking that weights alone enough in an attempt to run / walk / bike at least 1-2 days a week.
7 – Convert diet of calories does not require any artificial method to help reduce fat in the abdomen. Each will include a meal your only natural products. You can take a good amount of fiber, vegetables and grains, (as in the form of soup), fruits (apples, good metabolism) and other minerals. Otherwise, do not need to spend any amount of synthetic food products that cause adverse effects on the rate of your metabolism.

Reasons to prevent you from losing weight

prevent you from losing weight

Lack of diversity in the exercises
Nutrition experts advise you when the need for attendance at exercise, this does not mean following the same exercises daily and continuously without renewal.
Besides the importance of diversity in aerobics diverse, and their role in moving the muscles of the body entirely, relying solely on the specific exercises whenever practiced the sport, makes you lose calorie without an increase or decrease.

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Drinks sincere toxins
There are a number of recipes for the drinks that help you clean your body of toxins by sticking, but drinking these juices does not mean them incendiary fat as some imagine.
Where nutrition experts say that drinks clean the body is far from being a tool to burn fat, they originally drinks unhealthy and effective in weight loss.
If you drink those drinks you’re constantly thinking of you because you’re burning up calories, this is the secret of your loss of any of the excess weight.
Try not in the number of grams lost at the expense of the best way to lose weight, When you give attention to the exaggerated numbers when on balance, and frustration or joy according to the number shown below, it is because you undoubtedly negatively.
Because you’re in that situation probably unhygienic ways, not just to feel frustrated on the scale, while the method used in this case harm your health and the public may have side effects later.

Strategies to get rid of excess weight permanently

get rid of excess weight

Increased in recent diet programs to the extent that it was possible to fill dozens of refrigerators different recipes for these programs, but for the moment! Did you know that it can get rid of excess weight and lack of acquisition again by working to achieve some of the goals simple and follow a weight loss programs slow! So be aware of the new programs that offer quick solutions to get rid of excess weight.

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If you have a serious interest in getting rid of weight, you have to change some habits without depriving yourself to abstain from foods preferred in order to reduce calories.
I know that the effort of physical and follow sound dietary habits as well as commitment to a realistic way to bring about a change in lifestyle is one of the essential ingredients for success in the long term.
Put realistic goals
May have generated a desire to lose between 2 to 3 kg in the first week, however, that the weight loss expert’s advice phased out at a rate of kilos per week; May take a long time to achieve the desired goal, but gradually lose weight at the rate ensures that the recommended weight gain it again.
The development objectives of such a modest decrease of 5 to 10% of your current weight will have the benefits of good health. Once the first goal will be generated to have more confidence and thus will develop a new goal to lose more weight.
Search for moral support
It takes to get rid of excess weight and time consuming and requires a commitment and a strong will. Search for support when you need it, you can talk with your spouse or your family or your friends, they will not hesitate to listen to you and understand your feelings and even exercise with you.
Select a reasonable proportion to the amount of calories and a regular diet pattern
The failure to get the body enough calories cause health problems, as is the case in excess consumption of calories. The lack of calories causes a lack of muscle tissue and therefore a very important cause in the reduction of metallization. This method usually has disadvantages. If you choose to follow this method you will find yourself in the kitchen intervention sporadic periods of the day, morning and evening.
For a program that determines the percentage of estimated daily consumption of 1800 calories, for example, it will have you consuming between 300 to 500 calories in each meal. This leaves space for snacking between meals with basic calories ranging from 100 to 200 calories. You can eat snacks every 3 or 4 hours so as not to feel hungry at all.

Masks For Moisturizing And Whitening Skin In Summer

Moisturizing And Whitening Skin

Advises a beautician to girls to avoid the summer sun, which damage the skin, especially at peak times, and offers a range of masks that help girls to nourish the skin, and works to hydrate and lighten in the summer, says the girl that you customize sun block is suitable for skin every girl to protect it from sunlight, and away from the sun must be the girl’s job one of these masks so as to maintain her skin, and makes them light completely, first mask consists of a cup of yogurt and a half a lemon and half a cup of milk and 2 tablespoons rose water, and leave on the face of 20 to 30 minutes, and then the girl washed with lukewarm water, and mask the second consists of 1 tablespoon flour and half teaspoon lemon and half teaspoon olive oil and half teaspoon milk, and leave them on the face, venus factor Program by John Barban
except for the eye, for 20 minutes, then remove it and the third consists of a cup of flour and milk RIPE and half a lemon, and leave on the face of 15 to 20 minutes and wash with warm water while the mask fourth consists of 2 tablespoons yogurt, 1 cucumber large chopped, leaves on the face 20 minutes. consists mask fifth of the fruit boiled potatoes with milk, and leave on the face for 30 minutes and the mask last and sixth consists of ground almonds with half teaspoon lemon with egg white, and leave on the face until dry and then remove it with lukewarm water.