The Next Version Of The Rice Diet

Version Of The Rice Diet

The next day, eaten rice from the second cell and the procedure is repeated; so for five days, gradually eaten rice from each beaker. Sit on a rice diet “five glasses” should be two weeks. Consumption of salt during this period needs to slow here
The next version of the rice diet – “Two dishes.” One dish is rice. It can add a second dish – fish. These dishes do not mix. They can be diluted with greens. Term diet is 5 days. Weekly diet based on rice is also very popular. Menu, you can make yourself. And most importantly that for breakfast, lunch and dinner was rice basis. It can be diluted with fish, vegetables, herbs, and fruit (you can use dried fruit). Of course, the salt and spices should be discarded. Rice is very effective in the issue of cleansing the body particularly successful in this black rice.
More information about the rice diet needs to ask your dietitian; just about rice written a lot of literature. Physical activity during the diet must be excluded.Here about us
Cleaning the body of oats is very effective in dealing with slag and powerful tool in the fight against obesity. How does the body cleansing oats? Try to understand. The active use of traditional medicine oats known since ancient times; own grain and flour are extremely rich in protein, starch, sugars, fats and minerals that are very useful and necessary for the body.


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