Healing from cellulite

Acceleration of wound healing; strengthening nails Characteristics Ocean Lift: – A product for complete rejuvenation and regeneration of damaged skin – Thanks to its excellent properties achieved incredible results – The active protein in its purest form. – Highly concentrated and 100% natural – Does not cause allergies – Without dye and perfumed.

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Does not contain parables. – Store at a temperature of 5-25 ° C and does not expose to the sun to prevent liquefaction. How to use Ocean Lift: As an active mask to the face and neck. Further, in whole or in local massage specific body parts, such as: chest, breasts, back, abdomen, thighs, hands, feet … When using collagen is important that the place where collagen is applied, was well prepared (clean and dry) . Collagen should be used regularly and systematically 2x daily in very small doses (1 ml). Apply gently Ocean Lift gel around the eyes, the face, around the lips and neck. The gel was completely resorted within a few minutes. You can then use Urea Bio-24-hour moisturizing cream with aloe Vera from Valence Natural Cosmetics. The important thing is fine, but perfect massaging into the skin.


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