How To Treat Psoriasis

Treat Psoriasis

Psoriasis patients simply have to avoid fatty foods (bacon, fatty meat, butter, etc.), sweet baked goods (cakes, chocolates), alcohol, spicy and salty foods, and condiments. People with psoriasis should forget about smoking – it can trigger the development of disease.

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In the food should be consumed only fortified foods. Each case is considered individually and the treatment depends on the stage of the disease. Most commonly prescribed vitamin complexes with folic acid, B vitamins, A, C, PP, D, etc. As preparations for the topical treatment applied and so on (such drugs are now set). Patients with psoriasis should be taken just offshore and hydrogen sulfide baths, but not in the acute form of the disease. There are many tools of traditional medicine for the treatment of psoriasis. This is not to mindlessly spend on your “testing” – it is better to consult a doctor.  Click Here about us

Often doctors prescribe sedatives, herbal teas made from chamomile, calendula, St. John’s worth, and so on. Depending on the shape and course of the disease may be administered multiple infusions. Psoriasis patients, despite the seriousness of the disease, should devote time to exercise, tune in a positive way, as much as possible to experience positive emotions – all this contributes to a more effective treatment. Pessimism and bad mood only worsen the disease.


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